Dragon Zone

Family-Friendly Fun for Kids and Adults
Taking the little ones to a kid-friendly place for pizza and games doesn’t mean parents have to suffer. Head to Sunset Lanes, where the food is delicious, the games and prizes are exciting, and there’s plenty for adults and kids alike to enjoy.

The Dragon Zone Difference
We’re an independent local business, and that personal touch is a big part of our appeal. At Sunset Lanes, your skills help you win fun prizes, but you and your family also get the friendly, attentive service you won’t find at the big chains.

Why whack a mole when you can smack an alien? Our unique games and bright, clean atmosphere make the Dragon Zone the perfect destination for family night or special occasions. Our redemption arcade is stocked with plenty of exciting arcade games, and the whole family will love our selection of game prizes. Play our arcade basketball game, air hockey, crane games, driving games or other redemption games for the cool prizes or just for the fun of it.

Birthday Parties at the Dragon Zone
At Sunset Lanes, we do birthdays like no one else. We have laser tag, pool tables, bowling and other activities under one roof, so there’s something to please everyone. With pizza that actually tastes great and a wide selection of refreshments for kids and adults, we’re an ideal choice for your next birthday celebration. We offer low prices, an impressive menu and every kind of game you could want. Ask about Sunset Lanes party packages for the ultimate in value.